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Quick Contest Update

Just a quick message here for all contest joiners.

Due to unexpected circumstances, the drawing of winners for the Samut-Sari’s Blogversary Blowout will be a little delayed. As of this time, the admin’s kids are sick and she can’t attend to this contest and all blogging activities as of the moment.

Note that all contest comments will be approved and updated, so you can input the required info. Please back read on the main contest page and see if you are missing something. As per Mam Eihdra, there will be no extensions as we have already delayed the checking. Kindly submit what is needed so we can validate.

We are hoping for your kind understanding and we will post/announce the winners on December 11, 2011. This will give ample time for checking as soon as all family and medical matters are settled.

Update 12/02: Kindly submit your comments or any separate entries (optional tasks) in an excel file to eihdra (at) earndollarspinoy (dot) com. Deadline for submission of all entries not entered in RC will be on December 4th. Thanks!

Thank you.
VA for the admin

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Extra Income for the Holidays

Now that Christmas season is upon us, I’m sure a lot of mothers, those who have full time day jobs and those who stay at home to care for the kids, are in the look out for prospective income generating activities. Searching not only to help augment the family income, but also to have something… Continue Reading

Black Friday Musings

Warning! This post might turn into a bit of a rant,lol. I just feel that it is so unfair that only people in America get to take advantage of the left and right deals they can avail during Black Friday. Not familiar with Black Friday? Good for you, coz that might just save you from… Continue Reading