Affordable Cocktail Dresses from DressFirst

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Have you ever been in a dilemma with what to wear for an upcoming and much awaited cocktail party? Budget is strict but you want to dress up to impress friends and yeah, your long time crush will be there too! You’re on the verge of panicking and have searched high and low for a dress that would make you stand out above the rest, yet to no avail.

Desperate and running out of time, you turn to an old reliable buddy – Google. Found several online stores that cater to what you need and they’ve got really gorgeous collections, but dear gosh, your jaw dropped when you saw the prices… and they say, they are on sale! Gee, it would cost you an arm for just a simple cocktail dress!

So, you searched again and again but it only fueled more anxiety and panic. There are literally thousands of search results and you need help, fast!

Now, don’t fret because help is here. Without much further ado (because you’re in a hurry, lol), presenting – Affordable Cocktail Dresses from!… and I know you won’t be disappointed, so check out a few styles below..

For a conservative look yet still oozing with personality, the dresses below will make you look stunningly beautiful!

 photo HomecomingDress_zps7b049291.jpg
 photo SheathSquareNecklineKnee-LengthSatinCocktailDressWithRuffle_zpse4ffea49.jpg
 photo SheathOne-ShoulderKnee-LengthOrganzaCocktailDressWithRuffle_zpsc1b4de87.jpg

Looking for a more uniquely styled dress that would certainly catch everyone’s attention, especially your crush? Well, how about some samples below?

 photo SheathOne-ShoulderShortMiniChiffonCocktailDressWithBeadingSequins_zps1371f736.jpg
 photo SheathV-neckShortMiniChiffonCocktailDressWithBeading_zps390d6d14.jpg
 photo A-LinePrincessSweetheartKnee-LengthOrganzaCocktailDressWithLaceSash_zps360de289.jpg

Ready for a more desirable outfit with a dash of sexiness that will surely make you the queen of the night and be the envy of them all? Choose one below!

 photo EmpireV-neckShortMiniChiffonCocktailDressWithBeadingSequins_zps5a860701.jpg
 photo SheathV-neckShortMiniTulleVelvetCocktailDressWithBeading_zpsba6dc30b.jpg
 photo SheathScoopNeckShortMiniSequinedCocktailDress_zpscc9aeaaf.jpg

Of all the dresses above, I particularly like the last one. It’s a blend of all three aspects – conservatively styled, unique in the sense that they must have spent precious man hours to put all those sequins in their proper places to make it perfect, and sexy yet not too provocatively cheap. With matching accessories and blending make-up and hairdo – you will paint the town red and be the talk of the town!

For more style choices – go to Cocktail Dresses by

Did you like my selection? What’s your fave?

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3 thoughts on “Affordable Cocktail Dresses from DressFirst

  1. What a great site. Occasionally I need a dressy outfit that will never be worn again. Who wants to spend a lot of money on something that will be worn once?

  2. Wow! That site is so great! It’s so hard to find a site where they sell affordable dresses that still look amazing. Thanks for sharing this site!

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