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Women these days are so health conscious apart from being fashionistas. What better way to stay fit and healthy? A lot of diet plans can be searched from the net including the Paleo Diet also known as the Caveman Diet, Cabbage Soup, High fiber, Lemonade, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Atkins, Zone and even Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet. Some of the example plans can be cheap but like Atkins, it can be way expensive.

Filipino women more so those in the showbiz industry are continuously battling with their yo-yo weight. It’s really hard to control what you eat, but with determination and eagerness to lose weight, then you have a fighting chance to be slim and healthy.


Below was a photo of me taken way back 2006. Gee, you can’t even imagine my horror every time I looked at myself in the mirror. The culprit –  midnight snacks! Hubby used to bring me pastries and stuff from the hotel where he formerly worked, that made me so FAT and UGLY! lol! I contemplated putting the picture here, but since I am no longer that person below (lol), I’m crossing my fingers that you wouldn’t laugh at me hehehe.

Samut Sari

Those were the “gray” years of my life because I hardly went out and mingled with other people. I was so embarrassed to the point where I declined meet-ups and reunions. Not to forget, there were only a few photos taken when I was that large! I think I even went up to 180lbs until I discovered I was pregnant, diabetic and had a miscarriage.

Anyway, I hid for a year coupled with a few diet plans here and there. It worked, temporarily. But then I got pregnant again in 2007. So, all hopes of losing that fat and gaining back my waist were shoved off the list. The inches and yucky fat were back but at least, that time, I had the perfect reason to be huge,lol.

After giving birth to a son that same year, I told myself that I had to lose the pregnancy weight and regain my oh so missed 24 inch waistline and 36 inch hips. Lol, I’m still confident that I can get back my old well loved statistics but to date, I’m way far from waking up to reality..

I’ve babbled again and forgot what I’m supposed to post, hahaha. Okay, I’m about to reveal something that is a not so secret diet tip. Well, what else?! Fit ‘N Right that is!

I discovered this awesome drink late last year and has been consuming a bottle a day. Funny though that it’s only a drink that can help me with weight loss thus a sunny disposition every single day! I found out that it can also flush out toxins from your body and helps in regulating bowel movements.

Fit 'N Right

I never get “sawa” drinking it though I prefer the Watermelon Juice Drink. I see to it that every grocery day, I’d get at least 4 1 liter bottles to last for the most is a week. It’s my energy drink too. I feel refreshed, alive and ready to take on new challenges in my online work. Something is missing if I don’t get to drink one starting in the morning.

Why is this related to this blog? Because, one can’t be fashionable if you can’t wear the latest trends. Yeah, there are plus size clothes in the nearby mall that could make you pretty, but the question is – do you wanna look even prettier and sexier?

This is me now.. and thanks to Fit ‘N Right for helping me lose weight the proper way. I don’t have to go back dieting and starving myself. But of course, I don’t eat that much anymore,lol.


I’m leaving you with the picture above. I just hope that you are inspired so that you can finally lose the bulges and the deadly weight. It ain’t easy but if you really love yourself and your family, you’d do everything to live a healthy life thus increasing your chances of living longer 🙂

anodynes are the answer!

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  1. Pregnancy will do it! After my first I came home smaller than I was before getting pregnant. With my second I ballooned up. Now I’m in a size 3-4. I don’t diet, as I’m aging I just can’t eat food. I like Ensure drinks. I’ll have to try these too.

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