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After filing for divorce last August with now estranged wife, Balynda Benson Gorelick, Kenny G is busy as ever. This veteran jazz saxophonist has lots of upcoming concerts this year.

Will he be playing for a lost love or of happiness that he longs for, we’ll know during one of his concerts. I’m a fan since I was in high school and been yearning to hear him play live, but to date, I don’t think he’ll be visiting my country in the near future.

Kenny G

Did you know that he has his own lines of saxophones? Well, he does and it’s called the “Kenny G Saxophones”. He has created in his lines the Straight Soprano Saxophones, Alto Saxophone and the Tenor Saxophone among others. I have seen the types like those of Jupiter B&O, but of course, this is a Kenny G, so something in the name makes the musical instruments more expensive.

Anyway, here’s the list of Kenny G’s concerts this last quarter of 2012:

September 21-22 – Powell Symphony Hall, St Louis, MO, US

November 20      – Hilbert Circle Theatre, Indianapolis, IN, US

November 28- December 01 – Yoshi’s Jazz Club, San Francisco San Francisco, CA, US

December 11 – Winston-Salem Entertainment Sports Complex, Winston-Salem, NC, US

December 12 – State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ, US

December 14 – Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center, York, PA, US

December 19 – Detroit Symphony Hall, Detroit, MI, US

December 20 – The Venue, Hammond, IN, US

There you go! So, all you fans out there in the US, make sure you buy your tickets as soon as you can. You know Kenny G’s concerts are always jampacked and you might not make it even to the entrance..

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