The Five Benefits of Using the CHERRY DEHUMIDIFIER PRO

CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro
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Summer is fast approaching and that could only mean one thing—extra humidity. If that muggy indoor air bothers you, Cherry Home has a solution—the Cherry Dehumidifier Pro. Check its top five benefits below:

Large size. When talking about dehumidifiers, size actually pertains to moisture removal capacity. The Cherry Dehumidifier Pro can remove up to 12L of excess moisture per day, thanks to its 2L large water tank capacity. This is relatively larger in comparison with other similar products available in the market.

Wide area coverage. Not only does this boast of a powerful removal of excess moisture, but it also significantly covers a 20sqm room. Now, you would have to worry less about maintaining your home as you have the power to regulate the growth of molds, mildew, and more caused by damp air.   

Energy-saving. Owning a dehumidifier may sound fancy but you shouldn’t let yourself be intimidated. Even if you use it all year round, jaw-dropping electric bills wouldn’t pose a problem as this is equipped with an energy-saving feature. 

CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro

Low noise. With its huge build, you wouldn’t believe that it doesn’t produce the usual annoying buzzing sound. Therefore, you can keep it running even at night time without waking up the entire household. 

Intelligent Dehumidifying technology. Since the Cherry Dehumidifier Pro can detect the humidity level of the room and independently decide to turn it off once it reaches the ideal level, imagine not having to move a finger anymore. 

Avoid allergies and other health problems as well as damaged walls and furniture by adding the Cherry Dehumidifier Pro to your home. Get it for P7,500 at Cherry Shop PH:

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