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There are 24 finalists for the Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016 and boy the competition is really neck to neck because they’re all gorgeous and got the body-licious X-factor!

Last March 16th at the Valkyrie Nightclub in BGC, we got to see the finalists up close as they were presented to the media and introduced themselves one by one.

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists

A bevy of fab and fit hopefuls was filled with excitement, anticipation, and exhilarating energy as Century Tuna recently presented its lineup of finalists for the much-awaited Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016, the biggest, hottest and most fabulous summer event in the country brought to you by the country’s number 1 tuna.

From hundreds of fit, sexy, and pumped up men and women who joined the go-sees all over the country, 24 finalists were chosen in a series of intense screenings and callbacks. This year’s batch of hopefuls all showed amazing potential that the competition presented 12 local pairs of finalists, instead of the initially planned nine.

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists

“We are very proud and excited by this year’s batch of Superbods finalists. They are all brimming with potential not just in terms of physical fitness but in terms of personality, talent and achievement. The judges will really have a tough time in choosing this year’s winners,” remarks Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Foods General Manager. ”Furthermore, it’s heartening to see that the Superbods competition, after ten years, continues to inspire these young men and women to stay healthy and in shape through proper exercise and healthy diet.”

After the rigorous screening sessions which saw the hopefuls strut their stuff on the catwalk and put their best bodies—and personalities—forward, these fine men and women were declared as finalists:

The Century Tuna Superbod Girls

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Anja PeterCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Olivia Medina
Anja Peter and Olivia Medina

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Nancy LeonardCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Kaara Tan
Nancy Leonard and Kaara Tan

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Princess AbellaCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Carmela Fernandez
Princess Abella and Carmela Fernandez

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Tanya HydeCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Mirtle Gimenez
Tanya Hyde and Mirtle Gimenez

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Ambra GutierrezCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Maria Martinez
Ambra Gutierrez and Maria Martinez

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Carla MenesesCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Cassie Umali
Carla Meneses and Cassie Umali

The Century Tuna Superbod Boys

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Shawn StansburyCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Jake Khan
Shawn Stansbury and Jake Khan

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Clint BondadCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Ali Khatibi
Clint Bondad and Ali Khatibi

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Ryan SyCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Tom Esconde
Ryan Sy and Tom Esconde

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Jerome TanCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Erie Obsena
Jerome Tan and Erie Obsena

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Ameen SardoukCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Jose Pio Luz III
Ameen Sardouk and Jose Pio Luz III

Century-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists Cedric RoxasCentury-Tuna-Superbods-Nation-2016- Finalists John Padilla
Cedric Roxas and John Padilla

From here, the 24 finalists will move to the next leg of the competition, where they will be joined by two Superbods candidates from the USA. The search will culminate in the finals night on April 10, 2016, at the ultra exclusive Palace Pool Club.

And you too can take part of the action in this electrifying search—by joining the online voting for your favorite Superbods 2016 finalist!

How to Join and Vote:

1. Simply download the Century Tuna Superbods App from either the Google Playstore or the App Store on Itunes.
2. Look out for and purchase selected Century Tuna Flakes in Oil in 180 grams with can toppers and scratch off a portion to reveal the unique code for viewing.
3. Input the code onto the Superbods App voting section.

Random, computer selected voters will get a chance to win tickets to the Superbods Nation Finals Night! Online voting is ongoing until April 2.

Other exciting activities to watch out for in the 10th year of the Century Tuna Superbods search are the Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016 Challenge and the Century Tuna Superbods Consumer Weekend on April 2 and 3 at the Bonifacio High Street, where you can meet and greet with past and present Superbods and some of the hottest celebrities, events sure to fire up the summer season.

Follow Century Tuna on Facebook – and Instagram – to see and know more about your fave candidates and don’t forget to cast your votes!

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